What is Wabrum?

Wabrum - is the largest electronic trading platform in Turkmenistan in terms of the number of products and categories. Thousands of buyers from all over our country make purchases on our site every day.

How does Wabrum work?

Wabrum is a marketplace model, where sellers from Ashgabat place their product offers and receive orders from customers, and then the Wabrum courier service picks up the ordered product from the seller and delivers it to the client.

How to register a merchant account on Wabrum?

In order to start selling on the Wabrum trading platform, you must:

  1. Choose a suitable tariff plan for the seller and submit an online application;
  2. Wait until your application is reviewed and our manager's call;
  3. Meet our manager and sign the Commission Agreement.

How long does it take to register a merchant account?

Usually, no more than 1 business day passes from the moment the application is submitted to the registration of the seller's account.

From which regions of Turkmenistan can entrepreneurs become sellers on Wabrum?

At the moment, we only accept applications from entrepreneurs from Ashgabat. In the near future, we plan to start cooperation with sellers from other regions of the country.

Can an individual (who does not have an entrepreneur's patent) sell goods on Wabrum?

No. To conclude an agreement with a trading platform, you must have a registration certificate of an entrepreneur or legal entity.

What is the fee charged to the seller for using the services of the Wabrum trading platform?

Each Wabrum seller pays a monthly rent for using the marketplace, depending on the chosen tariff plan. Also, we charge a commission on each product sold, based on your tariff.

Who manages the assortment, stock and prices in my online store on the Wabrum marketplace? Can I independently control all my content?

The seller is solely responsible for his e-shop on the Wabrum marketplace. You will manage your assortment, content, promotions and prices through your Seller's Personal Account. It is convenient to manage your store on Wabrum both from a computer and from a mobile phone.

Who is responsible for delivering the order to my client?

After receiving the order, the seller needs to prepare the goods for shipment and wait for the Wabrum courier. All orders within Ashgabat are delivered by our couriers. In other regions of Turkmenistan, your goods will be transferred to our partner - the courier service "Turkmenpochta".

Who is in charge of customer service?

Basic services such as communication or processing of returns are provided by sellers via chat with customers or by phone. Wabrum acts as an arbiter in conflict/dispute situations.

How are seller payouts calculated?

When the order is accepted, Wabrum receives the money from the customer. Wabrum transfers money to sellers for orders with the status "Delivered" minus Wabrum commission. Payments are made twice a month - on the 1st and 16th, in Turkmen manats. The form of payment to sellers depends on the form of payment for the customers. That is, all payments for orders paid by a bank card will be transferred to the seller's account, and payments received in cash are also received by the seller in cash.

What language should I create content in?

Since Wabrum is available in 4 languages (Russian, Turkmen, English, Turkish), information about your company and your products should also be added in these 4 languages. This will help you significantly increase your target audience.

How can I advertise my products on Wabrum?

The Wabrum trading platform provides various options for promoting your store: creating promotions, banner ads, gift coupons, etc. For more information, contact our support service for sellers.

What is the process for returning an item?

In accordance with the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights" of Turkmenistan, buyers have the right to return purchased goods within 15 days. If the returned product is of good quality, the customer pays for the return logistics. If the goods have a manufacturing defect, then the seller of the goods pays for the reverse logistics.

Still have questions? Contact us, we will be happy to help you!